About me

I was born in the small city Bayreuth in Germany. Since my earliest childhood I was accompanied by a camera. My parents passionately captured every moment of our everyday lives. I have vivid memories of the lens following my movements, my cries, and my laughs as well as all of our travels through numerous countries. 

Film and photography are essential elements in my life. Looking through the lens has become a way of living and I find endless beauty in the smallest details as well as the biggest and inconspicious things.

This is the reason why I decided to study Film and Photography in Edinburgh. Although I focus on cinematography and the work in camera departments on film sets, I am constantly working on new photography projects. I was also the photographic assistant for blind photographer Rosita McKenzie and documented her journey to Berlin.

After my graduation I returned to Germany and moved to Berlin where I worked as camera assistant, cinematographer and video operator for various projects. At the moment I work as project supervisor at the camera rental Cinegate.

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Feel free to get in touch if you need a camera assistant or would like to work together on a film or photography project.

Email: mikolajewski.sabrina@gmail.com

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